Packers news: Colin Cowherd thinks Green Bay should acquire Antonio Brown
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Colin Cowherd think Packers should acquire Antonio Brown

The news is out that the Pittsburgh Steelers and Antonio Brown are getting ready to part ways this offseason. The only question is going to be where the wide receiver ends up.

Based on his off-field antics that led to the two deciding to part ways, there may not be many teams interested. That is something Colin Cowherd recently discussed on his show.

Cowherd’s sentiment is that Brown is a generational talent and he deserves the best team he can get. However, the analyst was unsure of what teams would want him. One team that jumped out was the Green Bay Packers.

There is another generational talent that could be throwing him the ball in Aaron Rodgers. It has more to do than just a talented quarterback throwing to a talented receiver. For the Packers, it is more about taking advantage of the talented arm.

Going from Brett Favre to Rodgers with no transition period is a sports anomaly. It doesn’t happen. Before Favre’s arrival in 1992, the Packers last top tier quarterback was Bart Starr who retired in 1971. Cowherd is suggesting the team take advantage of what they have.

Bringing Brown in would give Rodgers another weapon to use in his offense. Cowherd also points out how much getting Amari Cooper helped the Cowboys offense. Imagine what a better receiver could do to help a better quarterback.

Rodgers with both Davante Adams and Brown would be deadly and nearly unstoppable. So, maybe the Packers should go after the Steelers star. At that point, it would mean the team needs to accept the fact that Brown’s recent actions were not good.

On the field, there is no question that Cowherd is right about the fit between the Brown and the Packers.