Criticism often creates good character and, for some athletes, a better story atop their sport. Jordan Love is experiencing this at the moment. He led the offense of his Green Bay Packers along with the schematics of Matt LaFleur to a big win over the Kansas City Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes could not outgun him nor could the opposing team's secondary. It turns out that he has been looking forward to this star-level matchup for quite some time now, via Ryan Wood of USA TODAY.

“It's huge. I've had this game circled for a long time. It was my first start. Obviously, didn't play like I wanted to in my first game. So to be able to get the victory is huge,” Jordan Love disclosed about this crucial Packers-Chiefs game.

The young quarterback committed fewer errors than the veteran Patrick Mahomes which was a sign of excellent composure. This got him 25 completions on 36 passing attempts which netted the Packers 267 passing yards. His three touchdowns were vital in pushing the pace and placing pressure on the Chiefs to perform. The other edge that he had over the Super Bowl-winning offensive engine? He had not thrown any interceptions.

A lot of people attribute this win to Matt LaFleur's ability to win in December. But, it was the Packers quarterback who got ready weeks ahead that should be given much more credit. He was not at all fazed with the limelight nor did care about a probable Taylor Swift boost. A true man of the sport while improving, Love truly is.