Packers news: Matt LaFleur becomes first Green Bay head coach to start career 7-1
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Matt LaFleur becomes first Packers head coach to start career 7-1

Matt LaFleur

Everybody loves a coach who can turn a team around the moment that they enter the league. That’s exactly what’s happening for the Green Bay Packers as Matt LaFleur’s debut season as head coach is going as great as it can be.

The Packers are 7-1 after eight weeks of football under LaFleur and are looking like Super Bowl contenders after their strong start. In fact, Fox Sports emphasized how impactful the rookie head coach has been for the Packers organization.

This achievement is nothing short of impressive if the team’s former head coaches are to be considered. Influential names such as Curly Lambeau, Vince Lombardi, Mike Holmgren, and Mike McCarthy have led the team from the sidelines. Not a single one of those coaches managed to start the way he did, and pro players today are in better condition compared to before.

There are many things that can be credited for LaFleur’s early on-field successes, but the biggest factor has to be the good working relationship between him and Aaron Rodgers. The two have constant communication and seemingly enjoy working with each other. Their chemistry between the two has been instrumental in their successes, but it was something they both worked on through much of the season.

He’s the most successful rookie head coach this year, and pressure will be placed on him to succeed immediately. Rodgers is not getting any younger, and the window of opportunity is quickly closing. However, LaFleur should be able to handle any kind of pressure and win.