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Patrick Mahomes reveals how Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers changed his career

Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs

As Patrick Mahomes leads the new generation of electric, dual-threat NFL QBs, he hasn’t forgotten his roots. While growing up watching Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers win championships, the Kansas City Chiefs QB also took bits and pieces of their styles of play and adapted them into his own, even improving on many aspects of their games. In a training camp interview Wednesday, he reflected on how Brady and Rodgers changed his career trajectory:

Patrick Mahomes On Brady:

“I watch guys that play the game differently than I do. Guys like Tom Brady…I try to…take away little things that they do in their game to make it my game.”

On Rodgers:

“In college…Coach Kingsbury (made) me watch Aaron Rodgers…I see certain things and I’m like, man I like that, I could do similar stuff to that, and then there’s stuff he does that no one else in this world can do.”

Aspects of both Rodgers’ and Brady’s game are apparent in Mahomes’ game. From the surgical precision Mahomes played with as he led the Chiefs from down double-digits in the fourth quarter to a Super Bowl win against the San Francisco 49ers, you could see the penchant Mahomes has for being able to elevate his game and make adjustments on the fly that Brady has so often done in his career. Then, when you see the unreal, off-balance throws he pulls out seemingly every game, it’s as if he’s ripped every page out of Rodgers’ book and stuck it onto one of the most talented offenses in league history. And with Andy Reid at the steering wheel, it’s no wonder the Chiefs offense can’t be stopped.

We all know the old adage: hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. However, when talent does work hard, as is the case with Patrick Mahomes and the electric Chiefs offense, sometimes all you can do is hope the football gods are looking down with favor upon you.