New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman has had a lot of glory recently, but he's also faced a lot of adversity. Edelman just won another Super Bowl and added a Super Bowl MVP award to his trophy case, but right before that, he had a really tough year.

Edelman missed the entire 2017 season due to a torn ACL and was then suspended for the first four games of last year. Edelman was suspended for using a substance that helped him recover from his ACL injury faster, but he's never really opened up about the ban, until now.

Edelman is making the rounds promoting a new documentary about him that debuts Friday, and he discussed the issue openly in a recent interview with Sirius XM Radio, per Mike Florio of

“It was a low time,” Edelman said. “You’re already battling mentally if you can do it like you did it. And then all of a sudden you have this, you’re dealing with this, and then you’re dealing with everyone outside of your life and what people are saying and dealing with and you can’t really get too involved into because you’re ultimately trying to get yourself back to playing football.”

Edelman went further, revealing that it was a dark chapter for him.

“I really had to compartmentalize with how to deal with my injury, my suspension, with being a balanced family member and getting back from my injury. And that was a very tough time. . . . It was honestly — it was probably the toughest time of my life at that point.”

It's interesting to hear, and obviously, it all worked out for the best. Edelman had a historic playoff run this past season and further cemented himself in the history books. Edelman is 33 now, but he hasn't shown any sign of slowing down heading into 2019.