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Stephon Gilmore calls out DeAndre Hopkins on Twitter

The Houston Texans got the upper hand on the field against the New England Patriots on Sunday but the battle didn’t end there. DeAndre Hopkins tweeted on Tuesday a picture of him standing above Stephen Gilmore with the caption “when you see 10 double him.”

Gilmore wasn’t taking the trash-talking too lightly and responded to the tweet pointing out the Patriots only doubled Hopkins twice.

Evan Lazar of CNLS Media did a little film review of the game and did find that the Patriots did double Hopkins twice and both of those resulted in touchdowns.

Gilmore also did a pretty job of covering Hopkins holding him to four catches for 47 yards. Gilmore is considered by many one of the better cornerbacks in the league, and the same is said about Hopkins and his wide receiver skills.

Hopkins might not have had a great game catching the ball, but he played a big part in one of the better trick plays of the season. Deshaun Watson handed the ball off to Duke Johnson who gave the ball to Hopkins who then pitched it back to Watson for the touchdown.

Texans coach Bill O’Brien told the media it was actually Hopkins and Watson who came up with the play design.

“I think they drew it up in the dirt over the bye week,” O’Brien said, via the Houston Chronicle. “They brought it in, had it on a piece of notebook paper, handed it to me. We’ve been working on that for a while. The timing was right. Wasn’t the exact look we thought we were going to get and they made it work.”

That touchdown was a big reason the Texans were able to beat the Patriots. There is a chance the two sides could meet again in the playoffs, and if that happened all eyes would be on Gilmore and Hopkins.