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Patriots QB Tom Brady blown away by ‘nearly impossible’ feat pulled off by Chargers QB Philip Rivers

Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, Patriots, Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers managed to make NFL history with 25 consecutive completions. Even New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady could not help but marvel at what Rivers accomplished.

Brady has never been shy about complimenting his fellow quarterbacks across the league. According to ESPN’s Mike Reiss, he shared some heavy praise for Rivers:

“It’s nearly impossible, which is the reason why it has never been done before. Philip made incredible throws. I watched the game. Obviously, when someone has a record-breaking performance, I want to go figure out what the heck they’re doing,” Brady said Monday during his weekly interview on Westwood One.

Brady added that the difficulty of his completions was even more impressive.

“And the reality is there is a high level of difficulty on a lot of those throws. He made great throws where the receivers could get their hands on the ball and make the catch. The receivers made some good catches. Really, the incompletion came where he got a little hit as he was getting ready to pass; that probably would have been a completion. That’s just remarkable.”

Brady’s comments only go to show just how difficult Rivers’ accomplishment was. He finished the game with the highest completion percentage in history after going 28-of-29. More importantly, he did it in spectacular fashion by leading the Chargers to a 45-10 victory over the Oakland Raiders.

Brady and Rivers are among the notable veteran quarterbacks that have managed to fend off the effects of Father Time. One is coming off an MVP season while the other continues to rewrite the history books. Both players have managed to redefine expectations for the new era of quarterbacks.

Although Brady may enjoy seeing a fellow veteran still play at a high level, there is no doubt that he is hoping Rivers can cool off in the near future.

There is a very good chance that these two teams meet in the playoffs this year.