Steph Curry’s new signature Steph Curry 2 Lows were roasted by the Internet upon their release a few days ago, often being related as something similar to what a dad would wear.

Not everybody hated on the shoe though. Hawks‘ guard Kent Bazemore went on his own Twitter rant to defend Curry’s new shoe and, as you would expect, Steph stuck by his shoe and stated he would have worn them in the game if he had a pair because “they’re fire.”

Now Seattle Seahawks’ head coach Pete Carroll has taken to Twitter to defend Steph’s shoe, stating that he thinks the shoes are “really awesome.”

Unfortunately for Steph, Pete Carroll kind of embodies the exact “dad” look that everyone was talking about in the first place. I have to agree with this guy below, they do look exactly like the shoes my mom wears to work.

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