Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen is in a bit of disbelief. The Pirates' veteran finds it a little strange that he and relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman are now both in the Steel City. Chapman recently joined the Pirates after spending last season with the Texas Rangers and Kansas City Royals.

“He's a pretty quiet, low-key guy, but I am sure he's going to help this team a lot,” McCutchen said, per the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

McCutchen and Chapman were teammates once before, when both players played for the New York Yankees in 2018. Both players have been to multiple All-Star games, with Chapman winning two World Series championships. He was a part of the Texas Rangers club that won the World Series in 2023. Chapman and McCutchen are both well-traveled, as both players have spent time with at least four different Major League Baseball clubs.

The two players must now find a way to win in Pittsburgh. The Pirates have had few winning seasons in the last 30 years, and haven't been to the NLCS since 1992, when Barry Bonds still played with the team. McCutchen is in his second stint with the team, as he returned to the Pirates before the 2023 campaign.

McCutchen had success in 2023, finishing the season with 100 hits, along with a .256 batting average. That was his best overall year batting at the plate since 2019, when he played for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Chapman picked up four saves as a member of the World Series champion Rangers in 2023. He finished the 2023 campaign with a 3.09 earned run average. He's worked as a closer for most of his career.

The Pirates look to rebound from a disappointing season in 2023, finishing the year at 76-86. The team starts their spring training games on February 24 against the Minnesota Twins.