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Reggie Miller drops bold take on Pistons’ Isaiah Stewart after fight with LeBron James

Pistons, Reggie Miller, Isaiah Stewart

Detroit Pistons big man Isaiah Stewart has taken a lot of flak for his antics during Sunday’s testy matchup against the Los Angeles Lakers. More than a few folks called out Stewart for attempting to charge LeBron James—one of the most respected figures in the game today—multiple times after an untoward incident that left the Pistons center’s face covered in blood.

For his part, however, NBA legend Reggie Miller decided to take a different approach on his post-fight assessment of Stewart. In Miller’s mind, the Pistons stud made a big statement on Sunday—one that will have a lasting effect throughout his career:

Stewart did not care at all that it was LeBron James he was lunging at. All he knew was that he got hurt and that he wanted to retaliate in any way possible. To be fair, Stewart literally tasted blood as it dripped from a huge cut over his right eye. Nevertheless, there is still no excuse for violence.

Does Reggie Miller have a point here? Does Stewart now have a reputation of being a legitimate tough guy in the NBA? The Pistons big man has been handed a two-game suspension by the league because of his antics, but if Miller ends up being correct here, then this is all probably worth it for Isaiah Stewart.