The arrival of the first PlayStation were signs that the gaming industry was bound to go to the next phase, where Sony launched a campaign to introduce 3D games that revolutionized the industry. The system featured a plethora of well renowned titles like Crash Bandicoot, Resident Evil 3, Final Fantasy VII, etc. The introduction of the PlayStation made Sony into a gaming juggernaut, annihilating their rivals Sega and Nintendo.

But things changed with the arrival of Microsoft's Xbox where Sony realized a potential threat. Microsoft introduced Xbox Live which was a milestone for the console industry especially with how it was able to smoothen the online experiences of console gamers.

This forged an arms race between Sony's PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox. Sony currently has the upper edge given how Microsoft butchered the Xbox One by incorporating unwanted features, but the release of the latest Series X/S has already proven that Microsoft has made the right moves that might potentially propel them to the top. Though the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series have the same features there are some key differences that need to be dissected in order to assess which among the two is currently at the top.

The criteria in distinguishing which among the two is the best will center on the list of titles, performance, and design. We are excluding additional features that could be included in the future.



While there are games that can be played from both consoles, there are some that have exclusivity rights. PlayStation users have access to the following games which included Marvel's Spider-Man, the Gran Turismo series, Demon Souls, Horizon Forbidden West, God of War, Ratchet and Clank, Nioh series, and Sackboy. While Xbox users have Fable, the Forza series, Gears of War, Halo series, and Hellblade: Senua's Saga.

They both feature some top notched titles but given the set of games, it can be concluded that Sony currently has the edge when it comes to exclusivity as they own majority of the gaming industry's best. Microsoft will have to hope that their upcoming exclusives could potentially be an industry changer.

Besides their exclusivity, both consoles also have a backwards compatibility feature that allows the user to play games from the previous generations. Microsoft has the advantage in this category as players can play the titles from Xbox One straight to the current generation, but they have the added bonus of the 360 classics due to their Game Pass feature. On the other hand, PlayStation 5 users are only limited to PlayStation 4 games.




Both the PlayStation and Xbox can cater up to 8K in terms of resolution and 120 frames per second. They both have a 4K UHD Blu-ray optical disk drive however this is only limited to the standard PlayStation 5 edition and Xbox Series X.

By looking at the CPU and GPU of both consoles one may conclude that the Xbox has the advantage over their counterpart, however the gap from a numerical standpoint doesn't necessarily translate once you start using both consoles as both appear to perform extremely well.

There have been reports circulating that the PlayStation has faster load times as compared to Xbox, but this myth has can be debunked as seen from this video below.




In terms of overall aesthetic, one may argue that the PlayStation 5 trumps the Xbox series given that the former has the elements of modern architectural design while the latter looks like a bulky and generic shoe box. This statement can be further supported as the horizontal configurations prove that the PlayStation looks like a modern house designed by a European studio while its vertical configurations make it look like a skyscraper in Dubai. Adding skins will enhance the overall look of your PlayStation.

However Sony's obsession for aesthetics has some drawbacks as well. The PlayStation 5 is slightly heavier compared to its counterpart and its flappy looking tails allow it to bounce. This is not an issue with the Xbox Series given its boxed frame and the weight of the Series S which allows the user to travel around with it. This makes the Xbox more convenient as compared to its rival.

The controllers on the other hand have similarities in terms of aesthetic, but there is one key difference when it comes to functionality. The Xbox controllers still use AA batteries instead of a rechargeable device which can prove to be costly for players as they'll have to purchase a new set of AA batteries or a rechargeable battery. The PlayStation's DualSense feature is a hallmark moment as the vibration mechanic allows the player to mimic the overall experiences in their games, where they can literally feel the impact of a falling debris. Not everyone may be comfortable with this feature and players can opt to cancel it by changing the settings.




It's difficult to assess which among the two currently holds the top spot not only due to their distinct features but also because of their overall performance. When it comes to gaming, performance matters the most and both have truly delivered. Perhaps the scales could tip when the developers start adding new features.

Ultimately it really depends on the perspective and interests of the player.

Diehard gamers who are more inclined to pursue a plethora of established titles or obsess about aesthetics may pursue the PlayStation 5.

However the nostalgia that the Xbox offers cannot be overlooked given that their game pass feature allows the player to turn back the clock and experience the good memories of the glory days of the 360 era. If you enjoy travelling around the world and if you prefer a cheaper alternative then perhaps acquiring the Series S could be your best bet.