Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels was already familiar with new quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo thanks to their days together with the New England Patriots. However, McDaniels is downplaying that this has much impact on their connection, reports ProFootballTalk's Myles Simmons.

“I think the familiarity is probably a little bit overblown. I think the reality is he’s just been a good football player. He’s just been a good football player where he was [with the 49ers]. He didn’t play much for me in New England. You know, I got to be around him when he was developing, but he really put a stamp on what he’s about in San Fran. I know he was coached well by an incredible coaching staff there, and he’s doing some really good things here already.”

Josh McDaniels attributes any success that Jimmy Garoppolo has seen in his career and in Raiders training camp so far to his ability as a football player. He references their time together with the Patriots, but he stresses that a lot of what makes Garoppolo the player he is can be accredited to his time with the San Francisco 49ers.

It will be a big year for McDaniels and Garoppolo in the quarterback's first season in Las Vegas. He is currently not at full strength due to an offseason foot surgery, but all indications point to him being ready for Week 1. Once the season kicks off, Josh McDaniels and Jimmy Garoppolo will look to define their relationship based on their time together with the Raiders.