The Raiders franchise used to have one of the most intimidating home-fields in the entire NFL. But it appears that the fear that used to strike down the spines of teams visiting the Raiders has significantly diminished ever since they became the Las Vegas Raiders in 2020.

With the Raiders relocating to Sin City, building a rabid fanbase appearing in home games has become a challenge for Las Vegas. It's also reportedly come to the point that Raiders owner Mark Davis is “embarrassed” by it, via Jason Cole of OutKick.

“Mark is embarrassed,” a former Raiders executive said. “He was pissed last year when the Chiefs and Bears brought so many fans to town. Now it’s happening every week. He wants it to stop. He wanted Brady before when Jon Gruden finally turned it down and now, he wants Brady again. Mark thinks having McDaniels is going to be the key.

It's not helping the Raiders that they are putting up mediocre play on the field. Las Vegas has missed the boat to the playoffs in two of its first three seasons as a Sin City-based NFL franchise. In the 2022 NFL season, Las Vegas finished just third in the AFC West division with a 6-11 record. Only the disastrous Denver Broncos had a worse record in the division.

It will perhaps take much more time for the Raiders to rebuild the atmosphere in Las Vegas that they used to enjoy in Oakland, but it will all start with winning consistently on the field.