Raiders' odds revealed about chance Odell Beckham Jr. ends up with Oakland
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Raiders’ odds revealed about chance Odell Beckham Jr. ends up with Oakland

Odell Beckham Jr.

The Oakland Raiders traded for a polarizing superstar wide-out in the 2019 offseason, could they do it again in 2020? Las Vegas, their soon to be home, sees it as a possibility. Oddsmakers at gives Oakland +1000 odds ($100 wins $1000) to employ Beckham — currently with the Cleveland Browns — in 2020.

Essentially, they are a long shot. The Browns, as they should be, are the favorites at -500, following by the New England Patriots at +400, the Green Bay Packers at +600, and San Francisco 49ers at +750. However, trading for Beckham isn’t out of the realm of possibility for Oakland, nor is it particularly an awful idea.

Though the Raiders have seen production out of Tyrell Williams as their No. 1 option, he may be best served as a compliment to a star who can command double teams. Beckham can do that; he has done so throughout his career. Oakland, soon to be Las Vegas, can also afford to trade for Beckham.

While the Raiders’ first-round draft pick is primed to be in the middle of the round, their selection acquired from the Chicago Bears is currently on pace to be a top-10 pick. Perhaps selecting in the top 1o is enough to sway Browns General Manager John Dorsey into trading Beckham a year after giving up a first and third-round pick along with safety Jabrill Peppers for him.

Would trading a high first-round pick for Beckham be wise for Oakland? Perhaps. However, one would have to account for their need for defensive talent over offensive talent at the time. That (potential) top-10 pick could be a defensive playmaker they so desperately need.