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Raiders quarterback Derek Carr might be sweating on NFL Draft night

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The Las Vegas Raiders have had quite the interesting approach to building their roster this offseason. After dishing away most of their offensive linemen, who were pretty solid for the most part, the Raiders now are potentially looking to make a big splash in the NFL draft this year.

According to Ian Rapoport, the Raiders are possibly looking to trade up for a quarterback after conducting thorough research on the prospects this offseason.

At first glance, it’s a head-scratching move, as the team is riddled with more dire needs. The wide receiver group and the offensive line could use some improvements, while nearly the entire defense is a concern as well. Derek Carr has been a rather consistent quarterback for the Raiders, albeit, not an elite one.

After a deeper look, Carr’s contract is nearing an end with the Raiders after the 2022 season. He’ll be 31 pushing 32 by that time, which means finding a quarterback to develop for a year or two might be a great move for the future of this franchise.

With the amount of help the Raiders roster needs, it’d make more sense to either trade back or draft the best player available (that’s not a quarterback) at 17th overall. It’s been speculated the front office would be taking an offensive lineman with their first pick. But after this news from Rapoport, it’s unclear as to what this franchise will do in the draft this year.

We won’t know for sure until Thursday, April 29th, where the first round of the draft kicks off at 8 pm Eastern. Will Las Vegas snag a quarterback, or will they draft someone else? Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden have the entire NFL world guessing at the moment.