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Rams fans also chanted “Tebow” in loss to Panthers

It’s been a rough stretch for the Los Angeles Rams, and some of their supporters are getting desperate.

After a surprising 3-1 start that featured upset wins over the rival Seahawks and Cardinals, LA has dropped four games in a row. Other than a narrow loss to the Lions, the offense has been stagnant, and people want to see a change under center.

Their number overall draft pick, Jared Goff, is yet to see action this regular season. Rookies in other organizations have impressed at the position, but the Rams have kept Goff under wraps. They must have some confidence in him, though; if starter Case Keenum gets injured, Goff will immediately be inserted in.

Keenum was atrocious during the Rams’ loss to the Giants in London, and he didn’t look much better on Sunday against the Panthers. To be fair, his offensive line can hardly hold their blocks and his receiving options aren’t fantastic. But, Keenum is still a below-average NFL quarterback.

Throughout yesterday’s loss to Carolina, the Coliseum was filled with boos from frustrated Rams fans. Eventually, “We want Goff!” chant erupted from the stands, and it grew in volume with every incompletion by Keenum.

Tebow Time

As the game went on, a select few LA supporters became especially desperate, calling for a certain former QB who’s currently attempting a baseball career:

That’s right, a handful of Rams fans (based on their relatively low inflection) actually called for Tim Tebow, whose NFL career was short-lived. One can only hope that they were just kidding around.

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