One of the best parts of listening to athletes talk is when they reminisce on the craziest stories that happened during their careers. Aaron Donald and Chris Long went viral recently after recalling the massive training camp fight between the Los Angeles Rams and Dallas Cowboys back in 2015.

The fight turned into this massive free-for-all as players from both teams were going at it. Donald and Long look back and laugh at what took place during that time.

The fight was legitimately crazy. It was Aaron Donald's second season with the Rams. Additionally, the Cowboys roster was stacked with one of its best rosters consisting of Dez Bryant, Darren McFadden, Jason Witten, DeMarcus Lawrence and eventual MMA fighter Greg Hardy. Here's a clip of the brawl that Donald and Long are talking about.

It didn't stop there. The fight continued for a hot minute, as Aaron Donald and Chris Long explained.

Training camp fights tend to happen every year. However, this was one of the more crazy ones in recent history. Luckily, nobody got seriously hurt and both the Rams and Cowboys eventually moved on. But man what a story that is for everyone involved.

Rams 2024 season outlook

Rams head coach Sean McVay
Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams found a way to earn a 10-7 record and a Wild Card spot. Unfortunately, it was short lived after LA lost to the Detroit Lions 24-23. Despite that, Los Angeles is now looking forward to improve next season.

It'll be a tough go for this Rams team though as losing Aaron Donald is a massive blow. Luckily for them, the offense will remain as one of the best in the league. Especially with. the emergence of Puka Nacua. On top of that, having Sean McVay as the head coach should help this team maintain competitiveness.

Los Angeles owns 11 picks entering the 2024 NFL Draft. So they're inline to acquire a plethora of young talent. Considering how well this team has drafted with limited picks, it'll be interesting to see who the Rams select later in April. The front office has the pleasure of selecting nearly anyone they want, as there are no real holes on this team.

With that said, the Rams will be a team to watch moving forward. They're in a heated NFC West division that's owned by the San Francisco 49ers right now. But if LA can crush the NFL Draft this year they could be right back on top of the division for years to come.