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Rams’ Eric Weddle claims he was at fault for long DK Metcalf TD, not Marcus Peters

Eric Weddle, DK Metcalf, Marcus Peters

There are plenty of things the Los Angeles Rams could have done to prevent their heartbreaking loss to the Seattle Seahawks. One of those plays they could have done better was their coverage on Seahawks rookie DK Metcalf.

Some fans are putting the blame on Marcus Peters for getting beaten by the rookie. However, Eric Weddle sees it differently. In fact, he taking the blame for the Metcalf TD.

Cameron DaSilva of Rams Wire recalled what Weddle said about the play in question.

“Seattle’s a good team, and Russell Wilson’s playing out of his mind right now and what he can do to extend plays,” Weddle said. “Outside of the one where I blew the one on MP, that’s me. Outside of that, we’re covering them up.”

The team’s head coach Sean McVay backed Weddle up, confirming that Peters wasn’t at fault for the TD. He said that there were plenty of factors involved in the play that one cannot simply blame it on one player alone.

Moreover, it was an incredible outing for the Seahawks. Russel Wilson couldn’t do anything wrong, throwing 268 yards and four passing TDs on 17 completions and no interceptions. The team was just good enough to edge them out of the W.

However, the Rams aren’t wallowing in their sadness. They’re already preparing to face their next opponents in the 49ers.

Coach McVay expressed it best, as noted by Stu Jackson:

“The season never stops after five games,” Rams head coach Sean McVay said. “It’s been two disappointing weeks for us, but I can promise you that we’ll find a way to bounce back.”