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Rams’ hotel in Atlanta completely loses power on night before game vs. Falcons

The Los Angeles Rams are staying at a hotel that has ‘completely lost power’ ahead of their road matchup with the Atlanta Falcons, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

It is unclear what caused the Rams’ hotel to lose power, but it is raining in the Atlanta area, according to Gary Klein of the LA Times.

The power did eventually come back on at the hotel. Based on the times of the reports, the hotel seemed to only have lost power for what seems to be less than a half-court and at most up to an hour.


While the Falcons, who have a 1-5 record, could use a win in Week 7, the Rams have also been trending in a negative direction lately. They currently have a 3-3 record and are coming off back-to-back losses to NFC West division rivals.

The current favorites for this matchup are the Rams as 89 percent of experts are picking them to defeat the Falcons, according to NFL Pick Watch. The majority of experts have favored the Rams to win each of their games this season.

It will be important that the Rams stay focused despite the loss of power at their hotel being a potential distraction. Avoiding an upset against the Falcons would bring them to a winning record with the change to build a winning streak against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 8.

The Rams are in need of getting back on track in their pursuit of winning the NFC West. The San Francisco 49ers remain undefeated while the Seattle Seahawks aren’t far behind with a 5-1 record.