There is always going to be a debate as to who is the best wide receiver in the NFL. While Cooper Kupp was the standout last season, there is another player who truly believes he's a step ahead of the Los Angeles Rams wideout: Justin Jefferson.

The Minnesota Vikings star recently voiced his opinion on the matter and Kupp has since responded in the most professional way imaginable. Via Rams Wire:

“I would hope he would say that. I think that’s the beauty of this game. I think it speaks to the competitiveness of this league. If you’re not putting yourself as the best and you’re not working to be the best, then I’d be concerned about stepping on the field with you if you don’t feel like you’ve prepared to be the best player that you can be.”

“I respect his opinion and I can also respectfully disagree,” Cooper Kupp said with a smile.

Jefferson is definitely up there. He's collected over 3,000 receiving yards across his first two seasons in the league. In 2021 though, it was Kupp running the show, collecting 16 touchdowns on 1,947 yards as he played a massive part in the Rams winning Super Bowl 56.

These two are likely No. 1 and No. 2 in the WR department in the NFL. Cooper Kupp clearly respects that Jefferson thinks he's top dog, but the Rams wideout won't agree. Perhaps down the road Jefferson could pass Kupp but either way, the pair will be considered elite at their position for many years to come. The latter has a ring to show for it though and that makes a difference.