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Rams’ complete list of inactive players for Super Bowl 53

Sean McVay

Right ahead of Super Bowl 53 kickoff, the Los Angeles Rams have disclosed a full list of their players that will be inactive for the big game against the New England Patriots.

As Rich Hammond makes clear, it’s not really surprising that these players aren’t taking the field in the Super Bowl, seeing as how they’ve been inactive on the field for at least the past two games.

And USA Today makes clear that the Rams, especially, are playing it safe, especially since this is their first Super Bowl in more than 15 years. The last time the Rams went to the so-called “Big Game,” it was the year 2000.

For what it’s worth, For The Win have their own predictions about what will happen tonight with the Super Bowl.

“The New England Patriots will attempt to run the football, which will keep the ball away from the Los Angeles Rams offense, not unlike what New England did in the AFC championship game against the Kansas City Chiefs. With the Rams losing the battle for time of possession, they’ll have minimal chances to adjust to what is sure to be a game plan with a handful of challenging wrinkles for quarterback Jared Goff and coach Sean McVay. By the time the Rams start scoring, the Patriots will have built enough of a cushion, and Tom Brady and Bill Belichick won’t let the Rams creep back into the game like they did with the Chiefs.”

For The Win also believes that the Patriots will win the Super Bowl with a 27-23 decision over the Rams.