Sean McVay and the Los Angeles Rams are in a great spot to win the division as they are currently the number one seed in the NFC West. They have already clinched a playoff spot but will need to take care of business in the last two games of the season to win the NFC West.

The Rams have done everything that they have done this season, which has seen them win 11 games, without Cam Akers who is a very talented running back. Akers has been sidelined with a torn Achilles and has recovered from it in a shocking six months.

When asked about him playing this week for the Rams in Week 17, Sean McVay had this to say,

“There is a possibility that he plays this week. He looked really good last week in practice. (He) did a nice job. (I) want to make sure that we're smart, checking all the boxes. But I mean, this guy is an impressive guy.”

If Cam Akers can come back and be as good as he was before he went down with his Achilles injury, the league better watch out because the Rams are going to be nearly unstoppable.

What's even more important in this situation is that Akers returns when he is ready to do so. The Rams are obviously going to do everything that they possibly can to make sure that he is up to speed and that it is safe for him to play because he is too good of a player to be out with injuries for this long. His work ethic has been shown with recovering from this injury in only six months, which is remarkable.