Rams news: Sean McVay speaks out on Jared Goff's new contract extension
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Rams coach Sean McVay speaks out on Jared Goff’s new contract extension

The Los Angeles Rams finally put all the speculation to rest by extending quarterback Jared Goff, and head coach Sean McVay insisted Wednesday that it was all unfounded.

Rumors have been swirling for a while now that the team wasn’t completely sold on Goff being under center longterm, but that wasn’t the case. They broke the bank for the 2016 first overall pick, giving him the largest guarantee in NFL history.

Speaking to the media, McVay denied there was ever any doubt.

“It’s something that demonstrates a commitment that we’ve always felt to him and thought it was a great job by Tony Pastoors and Ryan Tollner working it out and really gets our quarterback who we’ve been committed to all along,” he said, via Cameron DaSilva of the Rams Wire.

Goff helped take the Rams to the Super Bowl last year, but he didn’t play well in the big game. Ever since the Rams started their run of success, there have been murmurs that the offenses progression had a lot more to do with McVay’s play-calling than Goff’s play.

McVay has always pushed back on that narrative, and he has always had Goff’s back. The Cal product had a very tough rookie season under Jeff Fisher, but McVay said he could tell Goff was going to turn out fine since before he even got on the field with him.

“I felt very confident and excited about the opportunity to work with him from when I just met him for the first time,” he said. “When you’re mentally tough like that, you have the natural inclination to look inward before you look to blame anybody else, I think that sets you up for success.”

McVay also joked about Goff’s newfound fortune, saying his quarterback is going to have to take him out for a “nice expensive” dinner.