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Sean McVay trolled by COO Kevin Demoff

Sean McVay, Rams

The Los Angeles Rams are preparing to unveil a new set of uniforms this offseason and fans continue to send in their ideas. While interacting with a fan on Twitter, the Rams’ COO Kevin Demoff poked fun at Sean McVay.

Since Los Angeles hired McVay in 2017, he’s usually seen sporting the same attire each and every week. The bright and youthful head coach typically wears khakis with a long-sleeve zip-up. Additionally, McVay tends to use plenty of hair product to keep his hair in tip-top shape.

Therefore, it would be an interesting image to see the young head coach wearing a suit with a bow-tie while patrolling the sideline. There’s no doubt that the 34-year-old head coach could pull off the classy look. But it’s doubtful fans get the chance of seeing him wearing a suit outside of an awards ceremony.

As for the Rams’ attire, the team is moving to their new stadium called SoFi Stadium in 2020. The new stadium is located in Inglewood, California. Along with the venue change, Los Angeles is going to be showing off new helmets and uniforms as part of a ‘rebranding’ process.

When the Rams were located in Los Angeles originally, the team went with blue and yellow as the primary colors. However, when they made the move to St. Louis, blue and gold became the colors that represented the Rams.

Since their re-arrival to Los Angeles, the Rams have attempted to mix and match uniforms to see what was popular with fans. While everyone anxiously waits for the new uniforms, don’t expect McVay to be coaching in a suit and bow-tie anytime soon.