Through his first four seasons in the NFL, Los Angeles Rams star defensive tackle Aaron Donald has established himself as arguably the top defensive player in the league. He has become one of the most dominant players at his position with his ability to almost single-handedly influence the game.

Much of this has come from his strong work ethic and intuitiveness on the football field. A part of these instincts may come from his out-of-the-box training technique of training with knives to improve his ability to get past offensive linemen.

Many of the movements that he mimics in physically deflecting knives coming in his direction are quite similar to being blocked on a football field on any given play.  In essence, the quick nature that is needed in order to avoid knives from hitting his body could create a greater sense of muscle memory for him.

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Donald is going this unique route to improving his skill set on the field. Much of his success has come from his quick speed off the ball that has lent well to the explosive play that has made him one of the most disruptive defensive players in the league.

Donald is coming off yet another impressive season tying 11.0 sacks along with 41 tackles, 58 pressures and five forced fumbles while playing in just 14 games that helped him earn his first NFL Defensive Player of the Year award.

This has added to his already stacked resumes that include four Pro Bowl selections, three-straight First-Team All-Pro nods, and NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. Donald currently holds the franchise record with 39.0 sacks while recording double-digit sack totals twice and garnering at least 8.0 sacks in each campaign.

The only thing that remains absent from him possessing a lucrative deal that should be coming at some point this offseason that could make him the possibly the highest-paid defensive player in the league possibly surpassing Von Miller’s six-year, $114.1 million deal.