The three-point shot has evolved into a necessity when it comes to the NBA's style of play. There are still only a few who are masters of the art, and we're going to name the top five three-point shooters since Stephen Curry, arguably the league's greatest shooter ever, entered the NBA in 2009.

Many players could make the list, but just like all lists, everyone can't make the cut. Some might agree or disagree with the ones chosen, but that's why lists are always fun.

5. Buddy Hield 

This could be one of the most surprising selections, but it shouldn't be. Hield has been one of the best three-point shooters in the NBA since entering the league in 2016. For his career, he shoots at 40.5 percent from deep. He didn't win the 2020 Three-Point Shootout by accident.

Hield had a few seasons where he shot the long bomb about as good as he shot from the entire field. Usually, that isn't a good thing, but when it comes to the Sacramento Kings sniper, the farther the shot, almost the better. This season and the last one, he's shooting 40 percent from the field and 39 percent from long distance. He's a streaky scorer but one of the best three-point shooters.

4. Kyle Korver

Korver is one of the very best shooters of all time. Running around screens catching and shooting the ball is his specialty. Having this ability is one of the things you have to do if you're an elite shooter. Catching and shooting with no dribble sounds like a simple job, but it takes skill to do efficiently. Korver is a master of this craft.

Korver shot over 40 percent from deep in his 15-year career. He even held the NBA record for highest three-point percentage, 53.6 percent in a season in 2009-10, until Jonas Valanciunas broke it last season, knocking down 57.6 percent of his three-point shots.

3. Ray Allen

The Hall of Fame guard could easily be second on the list. Allen was once known as the NBA's best shooter ever but dropped off when he retired.

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In his career, Allen finished with a 40 percent shooter from rainbow territory. He has made legendary shots in the biggest moments and held multiple records. If Allen had an open look at the basket, you could consider it a make. In his last season with the Boston Celtics, he shot 45 percent from long range. He won the Three-Point Shootout in 2001 and will always be known as a GOAT of the deep ball.

2. Klay Thompson

Despite missing the last two seasons due to injuries, Thompson remains one of the most lethal shooters the NBA has ever seen. If Curry never became who he is today, Thompson might be the greatest shooter ever. Since he does, no. 2 will have to do for Thompson.

He holds the NBA's single-game record of 14 made three-pointers. It is a milestone Curry is currently chasing and says he wants to beat. Usually, when you read about a statistic or a three-point streak, Curry's name comes first and Thompson is right behind him. Thompson is a career 41.9 percent three-point shooter and is the only player on the list to never shoot under 40 percent in a season from long range.

1. Stephen Curry

It's no surprise Curry is no. 1 on the list, and this feels like Steve Kerr when he says he has run out of things to say about the two-time MVP. So let's keep it short. Curry is the best shooter to walk the planet. When he misses, it's a surprise. The only way to stop him from making it rain from deep is not to allow him to shoot. But the way he can run miles around the court, that's nearly impossible too.

All you can do is hope and pray Curry misses whenever he shoots. If he gets an open shot, it's almost not a reason to box out and look for a rebound because you might end up on a legendary picture like this:

The picture says it all, right?