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Jamaal Charles has been working out for the Ravens

Jamaal Charles had a short stint with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and now he’s reportedly been working out for the Baltimore Ravens. The four-time Pro Bowler and former NFL rushing touchdowns leader is clearly in the latter stages of his career. The Jaguars brought him in to help with their running back struggles, but decided Carlos Hyde was a better solution. The Ravens have been struggling to find a consistent rushing attack for years, so they figured they’d give Charles one last shot.

“We’re not in any way pleased with the numbers,” Ravens head coach John Harbaugh told ESPN earlier this season. “We are very determined to run the ball well because we think it fits our offense, and it’s something that opens everything else up. We have to get that going.”

The Ravens have 672 rushing yards as a team this year, which ranks them 22nd in the NFL. Third year running back Alex Collins surprised them last year, but he hasn’t been able to get things going this time around. The 4-3 Ravens have lost their hold on the AFC North. They do have the NFL’s top ranked defense, but they need another dimension on offense to help them win in othr ways.

After being released by the Jaguars, Jamaal Charles hinted at imminent retirement. After all, he hasn’t rushed for more than 400 yards in a season in three years. If a new opportunity opens up in Baltimore, he’ll get to play for a much better team. Even still, the 31-year-old’s days in the league are numbered.