It was reported on Friday that the Baltimore Ravens could be looking into Earl Thomas' contract due to his altercation with his wife in April. Despite the reports, it has been confirmed that Thomas' incident doesn't impact his contract with the Ravens.

Early in April, it was discovered that Thomas got into an unusual situation with his wife. According to the peculiar story, the veteran safety was found cheating on his wife — by his wife.

As a result, his wife allegedly decided to hold a gun to his head and pursue him with a knife. Therefore, even though he isn't innocent of any wrongdoing, Thomas would be considered the victim in the dispute. Also, he wasn't arrested in the situation while his wife was taken into the police station.

Provided that, the Ravens wouldn't be able to void his guarantees, even if they wanted to take that route. Last offseason, Thomas signed a four-year, $55 million deal with Baltimore in free agency. Heading into the 2020 season, Thomas is slated to make $10 million in base salary.

Nevertheless, the Ravens are looking further into the situation to get all of the details they need to know. Even though they can't void his guarantees, Baltimore could still release Thomas this offseason. However, at this time that looks like an unlikely resolution for the Ravens.

But if the Ravens decided to release Thomas, they'd lose out on $10 million and incur a $25 million dead-cap penalty. In all likeliness, Baltimore will keep him, but they'll also need him to assure that he'll avoid making any other mistakes off of the field.