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Ravens QB Lamar Jackson wants to be the Tom Brady of Baltimore

Lamar Jackson, Ravens

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has high expectations for himself and told Ray Lewis during a taping of HBO’s “Inside The NFL” that he would like to be the Tom Brady of Baltimore. The segment was taped before the Ravens were knocked out of the playoffs and a clip was released on Twitter on Tuesday night with Jackson telling Lewis his lofty goals.

“I already said it when I got drafted: I wanted to bring a Super Bowl to Baltimore,” Jackson said. “So, I’m going to try to bring as much as I can. … I want to bring the Super Bowl here. I want to be the [Tom] Brady [of Baltimore]. I want to be the Brady, bring multiple, if I could.”

Lewis owned that title on the defensive side of the ball for many years and the team has been looking for someone to take over the star power after he retired.

There were a lot of questions about what Jackson could be as an NFL quarterback but he opened up a lot of eyes with his play going 6-1 during the stretch of the season and leading the team to the AFC North crown. During Wild Card weekend Jackson struggled the first three quarters and that did the Ravens in.

If Jackson wants to become the Brady of Baltimore, he is going to need to improve this offseason, especially in the passing game. The Chargers were able to take away the run game and made Jackson throw, and that is something he really struggled with.