While the Baltimore Ravens placed a non-exclusive tag on Lamar Jackson, teams around the NFL haven't shown much interest in the former MVP quarterback. Richard Sherman sees a major problem with the disinterest in Jackson and offered a different Joe Burrow perspective.

With a non-exclusive tag, Jackson is free to sign a deal elsewhere; although the Ravens would be given an opportunity to match it. Still, many teams have already bowed out on signing Jackson including the Falcons, Panthers and Commanders. Sherman thinks there's something wrong with how the NFL is currently viewing Jackson.

“This Lamar Jackson situation needs to get more attention,” Sherman tweeted. “Teams would rather lose or employ worse players than pay a Former MVP in his prime. Can you imagine Burrows getting a NON exclusive tag and there being NO interest?! It's INSANE!”

Sherman believes that if Burrow was in the same situation as Jackson, teams will be flocking to him for his signature. He thinks the NFL and their owners are not being fair to Jackson and that his numbers should speak for themselves.

Lamar Jackson has been a dynamite QB during his time with the Ravens. Over the past five years, Jackson has thrown for 12,209 yards, 101 touchdowns and 38 interceptions. He ran for another 4,437 yards and 24 touchdowns. He's a two-time Pro Bowler, an All Pro and the 2019 MVP.

Still, teams don't seem to be clamoring for his services just yet. Richard Sherman sees it as an injustice to Jackson. All parties will be hoping Jackson's free agency ends amicably.