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Video: Ravens QB Lamar Jackson makes it look easy with impressive touchdown run

Lamar Jackson, Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens took the field for the second time this preseason on Thursday night taking the field against the Los Angeles Rams.

It gave another opportunity for rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson to garner more playing time and experience ahead of his first season. Jackson put his playmaking ability with his legs on display breaking for a nine-yard touchdown run in the first quarter of the contest.

It may have been against second and third string players, it did put on display Jackson’s ability to be a game-changing factor with his legs as he made that run look quite easy after the pocket collapsed due to pressure. He was able to quickly move down the field while evading a defender with a quick move to the inside and going back outside that freed him up for an open lane to the end zone.

Jackson has made it clear that he can be a huge asset with his legs behind his speed and ability to make defenders miss with his shiftiness. There is still much work for him as a passer, but it is clear that his legs could help get him out of troubling situations and make a positive impact on the field.

However, there will be the necessary adjustment for him to make with deciding when to utilizing his speed to his advantage rather than making it his primary option to playmake. If he wants to be able to get a shot at being a quarterback in the NFL, it will require him to be an effective passer.

The Ravens have no rush to bring him into the fold as the starter with Joe Flacco firmly in entrenched and much development still needed as a passer. However, plays like this demonstrate the amount of impact he can make with his legs.