Cincinnati Reds' first baseman Joey Votto saw his 2022 season cut short due to a rotator cuff injury. But rather than call it a career, Votto plans on battling back and returning to the diamond with the Reds in 2023.

Votto appeared in just 91 games for the Reds last season, hitting .205 with 11 home runs and 41 RBI. He underwent surgery on his rotator cuff in August. Now on the road to recovery, Votto said he never planned to walk away from the game as baseball has given him so much to look forward to, via The Chris Rose Rotation.

“I liked the challenge. The idea of coming back from something that I thought was an interference to my typical level of performance appeals to me, Votto said. “I'm thankful that I get to take on a craft, live a passion that is right in the sweet spot of me as a person.”

“I love the individual part of our job. I love the team part of our job,” Votto said. “I like being social but I like concentrating on my own project. I never once though about walking away. I'm just not there yet, it would feel like I'd be tapping out.”

Joey Votto has been a member of the Reds since 2007. In his 16 MLB seasons, the first baseman has hit .297 with 342 home runs and 1,106 RBI. Votto is a former MVP, a six-time All-Star and second behind just Johnny Bench for most home runs in Cincinnati's history.

The 39-year-old is now coming off of a serious shoulder injury. However, Votto is quite ready to hang his cleats up just yet and plans on manning first base for the Reds this upcoming season.