The final starter Pokemon from Galar, Rillaboom, is locked in and ready to go banging its drums in Pokemon's latest videogame, Scarlet and Violet, in the Tera Raid Battle! Trainers, in case you're lost with how to catch one of Leon's best Pokemon in the Tera Raid Battle, then worry no more as we'll let you in with how to take down this beast of a Pokemon!

Rillaboom comes a bangin' for Tera Raid Battle!

After the recently concluded feature of Delphox in the raid battle, the last starter Pokemon from Galar finally makes his way bangin' drums (and maybe even heads) as Rillaboom is finally featured in the latest and upcoming battle. After getting Cinderace and Intelleon in the battles, Trainers are sure to be excited to hear this news and complete the Galar trio. The raid battle will be the next seven-star with the Mightiest Mark will feature a normal Tera type and will not be so easy to take down. As usual, you can only catch these Pokemon once per save file so make sure that you don't let this opportunity pass and capture Rillaboom in Scarlet and Violet to complete your Galar Trio.

This feature will be running from July 28, 2023, until July 30, 2023, and will be making a comeback from August 4, 2023, until August 6, 2023, so make sure that you mark your calendars for this one.

This particular Rillaboom will be wielding the Grassy Surge Hidden Ability so you will have to fend off boosted attacks that are Normal-type and Grass-type. Grassy Surge converts the field into a Grass Terrain which boosts Rillaboom's signature move, Drum Beating. This means you'll have to contend against its already great physical attacks which get boosted even further so bring tanky Pokemon to help you take down this behemoth and train those Defense EVs as well. You can opt to bring Fire-type Pokemon as this is a Grass and Normal-type Pokemon but the smart way to go against this Pokemon will maybe to utilize a Fighting-type Pokemon instead.

Other details of Drops and Loot coming from this Battle are to be shared soon so make sure that you come back for this as we approach the dates shared.

Who is Rillaboom again?

For those that didn't play Pokemon Sword and Shield, Rillaboom is the Drummer Pokemon. It is the final evolution of Grookey that evolves into Thwackey at level 16 then evolves into a Rillaboom at level 35. It features a Gigantimax form of having a full set of drums which is really badass in nature. In its Pokedex entry, it states “By drumming, it taps into the power of its special tree stump. The roots of the stump follow its direction in battle.” for Pokemon Sword while on Pokemon Shield, “The one with the best drumming techniques becomes the boss of the troop. It has a gentle disposition and values harmony among its group.” This Pokemon has signature moves like Drum Beating that you will instantly learn upon evolving into Rillaboom and can learn a powerful Grass-type move called Wood Hammer that can dish out as much as 120 Power with 100% accuracy. This Pokemon has great Attack and Defense stats which makes it pretty tanky and deadly in battle. As they say, “Great offense is great defense” but in Rillaboom's case, it's just really “Hit them hard, and take it all in.” kinda thing.

As mentioned, Rillaboom has good base stats. It has 100 HP, 125 Attack, 90 Defense, 60 Sp. Atk, 70 Sp. Def, and 85 Speed which gives it a total of 530. Typically, this Pokemon would be weak to Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, and Ice-type moves but given that it will be receiving a Normal Tera type, we're expecting it to change into Fighting, Flying, Poison Bug, Fire, and Ice-type attacks. Rillaboom is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Raid Battle will be resistant to Ground, Water, Grass, and Electric while not taking any damage to Ghost-type attacks given its Normal Tera type. Moves like Normal, Rock, Steel, Psychic, Dragon, Dark, and Fairy will yield normal damage output at x1 and may be a viable option if you really don't have Pokemon that utilizes its aforementioned weaknesses.

Taking down Rillaboom with a bang

If you are looking for a strategy on how to take down Rillaboom with a bang (Yes, pun very much intended), you can feature Pokemon like Iron Hands or Annihilape to try and do One-Hit KO with this Pokemon. Considering the Normal Tera type of your upcoming opponent, you can try to use the existing Iron Hands meta that has been used time and time again.

The best build for Iron Hands relies heavily on Belly Drum and Drain Punch. You start with Belly Drum to maximize your damage output by raising your Attack and then hit with a Drain Punch to recover lost HP. This particular strategy makes your Pokemon sustain itself throughout the battle. Belly Drum can be learned by leveling up your Iron Hands to 84 while Drain Punch can be taught immediately with the use of TM68. For the last two moves, Trainers may opt to use Thunder Punch and Electric Terrain if your Pokemon has a particularly high Sp. Atk, this can be your go-to move but considering the Tera type, you may want to skip it instead. You may opt to utilize Ice Punch and Play Rough or a high Attack moves that you wish to use during the fight. Although, be warned that these moves are more to counter weaknesses than complementing Iron Hands as a Fighting Type.

For Annihilape, you may want to utilize Bulk Up and Rage Fist as your go-to moves since Rage Fist's Power Increases the more you take hits. You can, of course, pair Annihilape with a Maushold or Tandemaus that has the Population Bomb that can set you up for your Rage Fist. Attack Annihilape with it and use Rage Fist to possibly do a One-Hit KO to Rillaboom in style. Make sure that you are equipped with the proper Held Items and bring the correct Pokemon for this combo as it can get tricky if you don't set up and align everything prior to the match. One single slip and you will have to do it all over again to catch this loud, drum-banging prime ape Pokemon.

If you're really up to making this more challenging, you can, of course, opt to use any Fighting or Fire Pokemon to make it all worthwhile to catch. The likes of Machamp, the box legendary Koraidon, Cinderace, or Charizard come into mind for alternative options. Make sure they're equipped with the proper or ample movesets to make it worth the time and skill to take on this battle. As silly as it sounds, there are Trainers that would love to take on these kinds of challenges for themselves and capture Bosses in Raid Battles in this manner.

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