It was recently reported that Hollywood legend Al Pacino is expecting a baby at the spry age of 83, and his real-life friend and on-screen adversary (at least in Heat) Robert De Niro, who also recently welcomed a child into the world, has weighed in.

Appearing on the TODAY show, the hosts congratulated De Niro on his latest child — his seventh. He then brought up his old pal, Pacino.

“Listen, Al Pacino just had a baby, I was just told yesterday morning. I was told yesterday morning, and he's a few years old than me. God bless him, I'm very happy for him,” said De Niro with his signature smile.

Then speaking about being a father at the age of 79 and how perspective changes, De Niro said, “Well, I have certain awareness. When you're older, you have awareness of certain things in life — dynamics, everything, family dynamics, you can't avoid learning certain things and then how you can deal with those and manage them, and this and that… the usual.”

The TODAY show hosts also referenced the viral Twitter poll that divided users over who was “hotter” between a young De Niro and Pacino to which he did crack a smile. They then gave him a onesie for his newborn with the TODAY show logo.

While Robert De Niro was speaking about being a real-life father, his most recent film had him playing the father of Sebastian Maniscalco in About My Father. The film followed Maniscalco as he takes his father to meet his partner's affluent parents. The film grossed nearly $5.4 million over its four-day Memorial Day weekend opening.

Al Pacino and De Niro have also been tied together for years. The two both starred in The Godfather Part II, albeit in two separate timelines and they never shared scenes. Fans of the legends would have to wait until Michael Mann's Heat in 1995 to see the two share the big screen together. They'd once again share the screen in Martin Scorsese's epic, The Irishman (a mulligan for Righteous Kill).

News of Pacino's girlfriend, Noor Alfallah, 29, being eight months pregnant was broken yesterday by TMZ. This would make the Scarface actor a father of four.

About My Father is in theaters now.