Kris Bryant was once regarded as an MLB superstar. He even established himself as arguably the best player in the game after leading the Chicago Cubs to a World Series victory and winning the MVP in 2016. Bryant has fallen out of the national spotlight in recent years, though.

Bryant chose to sign with a struggling Colorado Rockies team before the 2022 season. Colorado has continued to underperform, and Bryant has dealt with injury trouble over the past two years. Bryant went from one of the most discussed and notable superstars in the sport to a player who has not received much attention heading into the 2024 campaign.

Meanwhile, teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers are dominating headlines. Bryant recently made an intriguing comparison between the Rockies and Dodgers, per Sam Blum of The Athletic.

“As a player, it’s an easier spot to be in. Because you don’t really have that outside pressure, like the Dodgers are going to have,” Bryant said. “They invest a lot of money in good players. So they have to go out there and win. For us, we can be someone that nobody talks about.”

Can Kris Bryant, Rockies shock the MLB world in 2024?

The Dodgers are expected to win the National League West once again. Teams such as the Arizona Diamondbacks, San Francisco Giants, and San Diego Padres may all be able to compete for an NL Wild Card spot. The Rockies, however, are not expected to make any kind of postseason run.

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Kris Bryant knows that the Rockies will not receive much attention in 2024. He referred to the lack of attention as “an easier spot to be in”, and it's something that could benefit Colorado's younger players.

Although Colorado probably won't shock the MLB world and make the playoffs in 2024, Bryant could certainly rebound and reestablish himself as an All-Star. The 32-year-old still features no shortage of talent and is set to spend half of his games at hitter-friendly Coors Field.

Of course, staying healthy will be of the utmost importance. If he's able to avoid injury, perhaps Kris Bryant will re-enter the spotlight yet again. With the Rockies' continued struggles, though, he will still deal with far less pressure than he did with the Cubs.