The New Orleans Saints' devastating 33-28 loss to the Detroit Lions in Week 13 of the 2023 NFL season has left fans and analysts alike searching for answers. The Saints, now 5-7, are reeling from the defeat, and it's clear that some key factors contributed to this disappointing result. From defensive struggles to critical personnel errors, the Saints have a lot to answer for. In this article, we will delve into the details of this shocking loss and identify the four key personnel who are most to blame for the Saints' defeat.

Week 13 Loss

In the 13th week of the 2023 NFL season, the New Orleans Saints faced a defeat against the Detroit Lions, concluding the game with a final score of 33-28. The match unfolded at the Superdome, where the Lions managed to secure the win despite nearly relinquishing a substantial 21-point lead.

According to Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell, his team has displayed resilience throughout the season in bouncing back from losses, and this game was no different. On the flip side, New Orleans Saints head coach Dennis Allen conveyed disappointment over the loss and emphasized the necessity for improvement in specific aspects. The contest also witnessed an injury to Derek Carr, impacting the Saints' performance in the latter half. Despite the setback, the Saints retain a chance to qualify for the playoffs, while the Lions maintain a robust season with a 9-3 record.

Experiencing a third consecutive loss undeniably prompts reflection, especially considering that ultimately, a team is defined by its record. The days when they held a 5-4 standing feel distant. Dennis Allen remains optimistic, asserting that the team will persist in its efforts, aiming for a breakthrough, a sentiment echoed by the players. However, time is running out, with upcoming matchups against the Panthers and Giants. Rebounding to 7-7 is within reach for New Orleans, but the task is undoubtedly easier said than done.

Here we will look at the four New Orleans Saints who are most to blame for their Week 13 loss vs. the Detroit Lions.

Dennis Allen

Due to the Saints' recent three-game losing streak, Dennis Allen's leadership has been underwhelming. With a current record of 5-7, this already marks Allen's best standing after Week 13 in his five-year tenure as an NFL head coach. That's not a compliment by any means.

Allen's decision-making is scrutinized. His choice of Derek Carr as quarterback hasn't yielded the expected results, and the offensive struggles persist. Additionally, the once formidable defense under Allen's purview has declined. The team's roster decisions, including subpar free agent acquisitions, reflect Allen's inability to fulfill the expectations entrusted to him.

Sure, midseason coaching changes are rare for the Saints. However, Allen's performance raises questions about the team's future. Despite injuries and other challenges, there is growing speculation about Allen's tenure ending before next season.

OC Pete Carmichael

Parallel to Allen's challenges, offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael faces criticism for underutilizing players like tight end Jimmy Graham. Despite Graham's proven abilities, he remains a sporadic presence on the field. This is a questionable choice given the team's struggles in critical situations like third downs and the red zone.

Carmichael's decision-making certainly draws scrutiny. The Saints' offensive strategy seems lacking in adapting to the strengths of key players like Graham. Not surprisingly, this has impacted overall performance.

Derek Carr

Despite being in the concussion protocol and nursing shoulder and back injuries, Derek Carr can still be held accountable for his subpar performance. Boos from Saints fans highlight the dissatisfaction with Carr's play. His inconsistent decision-making, frequent missed opportunities, and overall struggle to lead the team bring into question the expectations placed on him after an offseason pursuit.

Yes, alternatives like Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill may not be immediate solutions. That said, Carr faces mounting pressure to justify the significant investment made in his contract. His injury struggles notwithstanding, Carr's on-field performance has been left wanting as well.

Saints QB Derek Carr

James Hurst

Although Carr bears responsibility, offensive tackle James Hurst's lapses contributed significantly to the Saints' challenges. Blocking errors and a crucial mistake earlier in the game paint a picture of Hurst's role in turning the tide against the Saints.

Hurst's missteps disrupted the team's momentum and provided the Lions with advantageous opportunities. The loss of Carr to concussion protocol, exacerbated by plays involving Hurst, adds to the disappointment for the Saints.

Looking Ahead

The New Orleans Saints' Week 13 loss revealed critical shortcomings across multiple facets of the team. The defeat underscored the Saints' challenges in the 2023 NFL season. These include coaching decisions, offensive strategies, player performances, and lapses in pivotal moments. Right now, the team grapples with a three-game losing streak and playoff aspirations hanging in the balance. As such, the scrutiny intensifies on key figures like Dennis Allen and Derek Carr. The remainder of the season will undoubtedly test the resilience of the Saints. This rings true as they strive to address these issues and salvage their playoff hopes.