Seahawks news: Quinton Dunbar back at center of robbery case with texts
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Seahawks’ Quinton Dunbar back at center of armed robbery case with harmful text messages

Quinton Dunbar, Seahawks

Quinton Dunbar thought he was in the clear after rejoining the Seattle Seahawks after they found insufficient evidence on him in an armed robbery case involving fellow NFL player Deandre Baker. However, Dunbar is right back at the center of the case after new text messages have surfaced.

Back in May, Dunbar and Baker were both named as suspects in an armed robbery case in Florida. The two cornerbacks were said to have stolen watches and money from the victims of the robbery. Both had arrest warrants issued for their possible involvement in the incident.

After running an investigation and questioning the victims, it was determined that Baker would face four counts of armed robbery. On the other hand, Dunbar was found not guilty due to insufficient evidence in the case against him.

Just as expected, Baker was released by the New York Giants because of his involvement in the case on Tuesday. At the same time, text messages from Dominic Johnson—a witness in the case—were unveiled on Tuesday. Besides his text messages, Johnson iterated that he saw a payoff between Baker and Dunbar’s victims, telling them to recant their statements.

Per Pat Leonard in the New York Daily News:

Johnson also allegedly oversaw a payoff of Baker’s and Dunbar’s four alleged victims on May 15 in exchange for signing an affidavit recanting their statements about the Seahawks player’s involvement. This allegedly occurred at the Miami office of Dunbar’s former attorney Michael Grieco. Johnson also signed an affidavit recanting his original testimony, according to Grieco.

In addition to Johnson, a victim in the case said that Dunbar was directing the robbery, which is contradictory to what was discovered in the investigation.

Dunbar was “directing them to take people(‘s) stuff … He was telling them, to get that watch … as they were taking people(’s) stuff,” said one victim. Another, asked by a detective who was behind the alleged robbery, replied, “Both of those ballplayers.”

As of this moment, Dunbar is preparing to play Seattle’s Week 1 contest versus the Atlanta Falcons. Considering the evidence that is beginning to come out, time will tell if Dunbar suffers the same fate as Baker.