Without a doubt, She-Hulk’s debut on Disney Plus last week drew a lot of attention to Marvel’s latest heroine. With Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk adding star power to the premiere, fans were glad to see something new in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This week, though, takes things to another level. We take a look down below at this She-Hulk episode 2 ending explained to shed more light on what really happened.

She-Hulk episode 2 ending explained

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This week’s episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law starts with the aftermath of Jennifer Walters’ battle against Titania, as covered by the media. The lawyer enters a bar in her She-Hulk form to the adoration of the people inside it. After a few drinks, she is confronted by her boss, who tells her they lost the case she was working on. It’s later revealed that she is terminated and Jennifer faces a string of rejections shortly after.

A few days after, Jennifer has dinner with her family, which turns out to be an awkward affair for the lawyer. After a pep talk from her dad, Jennifer is approached by Holden Holliway in a bar, and offers her a job. She accepts the said offer to head the Superhuman Law Division, which deals with legal matters involving powered individuals. The catch here is that Walters will do this job in her She-Hulk form, a detail she discusses with Nikki as her paralegal.

In Holliway’s office, Jennifer finds out that she will be representing Emil Blonsky in his parole case. This moves her to decline since it represents a conflict of interest when Blonsky as Abomination tried to kill Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk, one of the earliest MCU films. She meets Blonsky in a prison facility, only to be surprised by his pacifist attitude. He then proceeds to sum up the events of the said film from his perspective.

Jennifer, still in her human form, says she’ll consider taking Blonsky as her client. After reviewing the case files, she calls Bruce and tells him about her predicament. He tells his cousin to take on the job and reveals that he has patched things up with Blonsky. Right before the call ended, Jennifer asks Bruce when he can visit Los Angeles. It’s later shown that Bruce himself is on the Sakaaran spaceship and is on his way to an unknown location.

Holliway then calls Jennifer and is glad that she has accepted the job. He then tells her to turn the television on, an act that reveals the public has found out that Blonsky escaped from prison and is fighting Wong in a cage match, which occurred in Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings.

In a post-credits scene, viewers see Jennifer helping her dad out with several chores, including changing a car tire, mounting a television, and carrying water containers.

What just happened? A She-Hulk episode 2 recap

In episode 1, Marvel fans were treated to Jennifer’s origin story and who she is as a character. This week, viewers got to see the effect of her new abilities as She-Hulk on her work as a lawyer and how she got fired because of them.

After several attempts to land a new job, Jennifer accepts Holliway’s offer, even though it comes with a few strings, primarily being seen in her She-Hulk persona most of the time. The main conflict of this episode happens during the final arc, one where she takes Emil Blonsky as her client in his parole case.

The cliffhanger here is that the one scene in Shang-Chi where he was fighting in a cage match has leaked and weakened her chances to get Blonsky out of prison. It remains to be seen how Jennifer will resolve this challenge while securing her new job. Nevertheless, it’ll take another week to learn what happens in She-Hulk.