She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has just passed its midway mark with episode 5 dropping recently. With her origin story and the basic premise of the series already set up, fans are seeing more connections to the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe to Jennifer Walters. Those connections are cleverly shown here in the form of fun trivia and several hidden details. We take a look below at the best She-Hulk episode 5 easter eggs and what they truly mean.

She-Hulk episode 5 easter eggs

She-Hulk, Marvel, Entertainment4. She-Hulk trademark battle

The main conflict in episode 5 revolved around Titania getting the trademark for the She-Hulk name and how Jennifer tries to wrest it back from the influencer. Throughout the recent installment, Jennifer and her lawyer, Mallory Book, come up with different ways to establish that the name truly belongs to Bruce Banner's cousin. In the end, the pair succeed in getting the judge to rule in their favor, leading Titania to cease using the She-Hulk name for her brand.

Back during the 80s, The Incredible Hulk's success on CBS as a TV show prompted Marvel to come up with She-Hulk. This was borne out of the fear that CBS would create a spinoff show about a female version of Bruce Banner's character and name it She-Hulk. If this was done, Marvel would lose the rights to the name as there have been several cases of this incident happening before. As it stands, the courtroom battle between Titania and Jennifer Walters is seen reflecting this event in the 80s.

3. Iron Man Three and Avongers merch

Right before Titania and Jennifer faced each other in court, Nikki was worrying about the latter's outfit whenever she turns into She-Hulk and vice versa. Pug gives her the idea of looking for a costume specialist. In exchange, Nikki would have to accompany her colleague to a launch of the Iron Man Three sneaker.

As this plot point progressed, the boba cafe barista said that the pair would have to purchase shirts and merchandise related to the Avengers before seeing the said superhero costume specialist. This leads Nikki and Pug to buy shirts with cartoon versions of the Avengers. Underneath them is a misspelled name of the team – Avongers. Along with these shirts, Nikki and Pug also purchased hats and weapon props as part of their deal with the barista.

These two scenes give clarity to the impact of Iron Man and the Avengers on the MCU's pop culture. Much like in the real world, these massively influential heroes are usually used for merch without businesses paying for the appropriate licenses, leading to hilariously misspelled brands on these products.

2. Luke Jacobson and superhero costume nipples

Later on during the episode, fans finally meet the individual who can provide Jennifer with the outfit she needs as She-Hulk – Luke Jacobson. Similar to Edna in The Incredibles movies, this character is very particular with how he creates costumes for superheroes. And while he initially had doubts about Jennifer, Luke eventually warms up to the idea that he'll be creating an outfit for the Hulk's actual cousin.

As he comes to this realization, Luke takes hold of a mannequin with a costume on it. The said costume for male physique featured nipples on the chest area, which can be alluded to Joel Schumacher's version of Batman. Back in the 90s, the said director went for a costume that had nipples in Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, Even though Schumacher stood by this decision, the public never really warmed up to this feature on the Dark Knight's suits then.

1. Daredevil's new MCU helmet

Just as the episode was about to end, Luke calls out his assistant for not covering a container with one of his client's belongings. As it stands, the item inside it was a helmet and it featured horns. This is Daredevil's helmet, the same one he used in the Netflix version. The only difference here is it's painted yellow and it's made by Luke Jacobson himself.

Even before the series premiered on Disney Plus, rumors about Charlie Cox's character appearing on it had been confirmed. Since both Matt Murdock and Jennifer are lawyers, it only stands to reason that the Man Without Fear will be making his first full appearance in this show, complete with the costume and all. And speaking of the costume, the yellow and red motif is the original one used by Daredevil during his origin in the comics. It also makes sense for the MCU to follow this trend to set its version apart from the one that appeared on Netflix.

It remains to be seen how these easter eggs will truly play out in the coming weeks, especially the one about Daredevil. Nevertheless, it's safe to say that all of the various plot points She-Hulk has cultivated from episodes one to five are about to converge in a big way soon.