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Pau Gasol believes Spurs will continue to win games even with an injury-riddled roster

Pau Gasol

San Antonio Spurs big man Pau Gasol remains confident about the team’s ability to win games despite a slew of injuries to their key players this preseason.

The Spurs are decimated by injuries, with the likes of Lonnie Walker IV, Dejounte Murray, Derrick White and Rudy Gay all going down. Gregg Popovich’s squad will need to battle through the early part of the season, but the team is remaining optimistic.

Pau was asked how the Spurs plan to overcome their injuries to start the year. The veteran gave a confident answer, emphasizing that the organization will certainly be able to sustain their excellence this season.

“Always, for sure. No matter what, no matter where. The good thing here is we have a fantastic coaching staff, great culture. We want to continue the excellency that has been this team and that this franchise has had for 20 years…Just do our best every single day and every single night when we’re out there. Hustling, covering for each other, grinding, doing whatever it takes.”

When asked about whether or not he thinks this team can win some games, Gasol believes they can, though he hopes it’s enough to be successful.

“Oh for sure, we’re definitely going to win some games it’s just a matter of how many, right? Is that amount going to be enough to be able to be in the top positions or not. We just gotta focus on what we can control. Whether it’s our everyday effort, our mindset going into every practice, every game.”

The Spurs are the benchmark for every other team in the NBA. Popovich has led his team to the playoffs in 21 straight seasons, winning five titles during that stretch. If there’s a team that can sustain success despite a string of bad luck, it’s the Spurs.