Spurs news: Tony Parker expected an opposite reception to that of Kawhi Leonard from San Antonio
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Tony Parker expected an opposite reception to that of Kawhi Leonard from Spurs fans

Charlotte Hornets point guard Tony Parker is a San Antonio Spurs legend. The six-time All-Star spent a whopping 17 seasons with the Spurs and helped the team win four championships. For this, he will be loved by Spurs fans forever. This is in direct contrast to Kawhi Leonard, who was roundly booed by the crowd at the AT&T Center when he returned recently.

When Parker was asked by a reporter how he thought the crowd would receive him in comparison, he had a brief but accurate answer:

Leonard demanded a trade from the Spurs after he felt the organization didn’t handle his injury correctly. Because of this, he is considered a traitor by Spurs fans, and he was jeered every time he touched the ball when the Toronto Raptors visited the Spurs.

Tony Parker, on the other hand, was well-received. The crowd was obviously not going to boo a guy who had been loyal to the organization for a full 17 years.

In his return, Parker had a quiet but effective game. He scored eight points and recorded three rebounds and four assists. More importantly, he helped his team score an upset win against a team that has been very good of late.

Tony Parker is long past his prime but is still a useful player. The Hornets were smart to pick him up and are seeing results. When Parker retires, he will be remembered as a legend and will more than likely make the Hall of Fame.