Victor Wembanyama should have been the focus of the 2023 NBA Draft, but the Twitterverse couldn't help but talk about his sister who turned a lot of heads during the annual rookie selection.

Wembanyama's sister, Eve, went insanely viral on Thursday as she appeared alongside her younger brother in the event. Fans couldn't help but comment about how stunning she was on the night, with plenty of NBA viewers unable to hold back their admiration for her.

It can be compared to the reactions on Luka Doncic's mom during the 2018 NBA Draft. This time, however, it's wilder.

Here are some of the rather hilarious reactions to the appearance of Wembanyama's sister:

So to save fans the trouble of searching Google for “Victor Wembanyama sister,” here where you can follow her on Instagram.

Eve, just like her younger brother, has established a pretty nice basketball career in France, per The Sun. She has apparently represented France in various basketball competitions, particularly in the 3×3 category. She has played in the FIBA U16 Women's European Championship and FIBA U20 Women's European Challengers. Aside from that, she also played in the EuroLeague Women competition in 2020, suiting up for LDLC ASVEL Feminin club.

Eve has yet to react to all the attention she's getting, though it's safe to assume her follower count on her social media accounts are going to balloon after Thursday night. With that said, it looks like Victor is not the only Wembanyama who's going to make plenty of headlines in the next few days.