Much of the discussion surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers in the aftermath of their season-ending 31-17 loss to the Buffalo Bills in the NFL Wild Card round has revolved around the future of head coach Mike Tomlin with the franchise. In fact, the topic of Tomlin's future as the Steelers head coach became an even hotter topic when he walked out of his press conference when the subject of his contract was breached.

While it's common practice for reporters to ask about contractual questions, the Steelers head coach evidently thought that it was a bit disrespectful for it to be brought up in the immediate aftermath of the team's most disheartening defeat of the season. This sentiment was echoed by defensive tackle Cam Heyward, who felt as though there was a more appropriate time for reporters to discuss the subject of Tomlin's coaching future.

“Why are we so concerned with somebody who has a year on their contract, who's been locked in, and just wanted to coach football. We don't ask anybody else if they need to come back for another year. I just think it's doing him a disservice,” Heyward told reporters, via Emily Giangreco of WTAE-TV.

Cam Heyward simply could not comprehend what the reporter expected out of Mike Tomlin when his contract was brought up, as there was no reason for the Steelers head coach to address that issue immediately after a playoff loss.

“I just think, why we would he answer a question like that? Last night, we just a lost the big playoff game. Why is he gonna address that now? It's not the time or the place. I just think for him, in general, Coach T has earned that [right] to be singly focused on one goal,” added Heyward.

Mike Tomlin, who has one year left on his contract, is rumored to be stepping down from his perch as the Steelers' head coach. However, Tomlin has reportedly quashed that noise in private, telling the Steelers brass that he'll be back coaching the team in 2024. Whatever the case may be, Tomlin has his players' backing, which could mean a lot as Pittsburgh try to improve upon their performance in 2023.