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Steelers GM Kevin Colbert says Pittsburgh has moved past Antonio Brown saga

The talk for most of the offseason surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers has been about Antonio Brown but according to general manager Kevin Colbert, the team has moved past the saga. It seems every time it gets out of the media for a couple of days Brown gets into a fight with someone from the Steelers or talks about them again and it starts the circus all over again.

Colbert knows the team lost a big piece of their team with Brown gone, but the team now has to realize this how it is and do the best they can.

“In all honesty, we’ve moved past it,” Colbert said via 24/7 Sports. “Antonio was a great player for us. We mutually reached a decision that it was best to both move on. And as we mentioned with Devin Bush, the ability to trade up and getting those picks we were able to get in the trade, and that’s where we’d like to leave it.

“We’ve all moved on. We hope Antonio has a great career and finish to his career, and we’re gonna try to do the best with the result of him not being with us because he was a significant player and it’s time to make the realization that he’s not with us and we have to find a way to be better. That’s our challenge.”

Colbert does point out the most important part of this story, how exactly does the team move on without Brown. This is a guy that Big Ben could always trust on when he needed the catch a most and the team doesn’t know how JuJu Smith-Schuster will do in the role as the number one receiver.