It was a magical season for Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors, and now that awards are starting to be passed out, it's likely that his name will be mentioned often, and it started a short time ago.

Earlier today, it was announced that Curry was the 2015-16 winner of the Magic Johnson Award by the Professional Basketball Writers Association.

The description of this honor states that it goes to the player who “best combines excellence on the basketball court with cooperation and dignity in dealing with the media and the public.”

 Rick Bowmer/Associated Press
Rick Bowmer/Associated Press

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With 30.1 points per game and a record-breaking 402 three-pointers (breaking his own previous NBA record), Curry certainly had the basketball side of that equation covered.

The main reason Stephen took it home though is his gracious attitude. Usually, the most talented and successful guys in the game develop strong egos, but Curry has managed to stay true to himself and not let his greatness on the basketball court impact his kind demeanor.

The other four finalists were New York Knicks‘ Carmelo Anthony, the Warriors' Draymond Green, the Portland Trail Blazers‘ Damian Lillard, and the Atlanta Hawks‘ Paul Millsap.