Stephen Curry: Warriors star's best and funniest moments with refs
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Steph Curry’s best and funniest interactions with referees

Stephen Curry is the NBA’s poster boy. He’s a great guy, with a great family, and is very religious too. He’s pretty much the guy you want your kid idolizing growing up.

Then again, as with very other player in the league, Curry has been involved in more than a few confrontational moments with referees as well. Things can get intense during NBA games, and for his part, Curry is not immune from the occasional outburst. After all, he’s human too.

Below we have some of the most memorable moments between Curry and NBA game officials. Some of them are quite intense, but others are also quite hilarious. You be the judge.

For starters, let’s take a look at the time Stephen Curry mocked the refs after getting a game-tying 3-pointer to send the game into overtime. The video below is pretty much self-explanatory, and you’ll understand why Curry and the rest of his Warriors teammates were mocking the ref after that wild sequence to tned the fourth period.

By the way, great job on the commentary team for not showing their bias. They were very professional and did not seem like they were rooting for the Minnesota Timberolves. Not.

Curry couldn’t let it go, and took another shot at the ref in his post-game interview. He even labelled the official as the game’s MVP.

Stephen Curry doesn’t always agree with the referee and their calls. One of his more obscure technical fouls was handed to him for excessive complaining. What makes this one extraordinary is the fact that he wasn’t even playing during the play in question.

Curry getting called for a T from the bench is something, but his mom adding insult to injury is even more hilarious. Mrs. Curry may have been giving the ref a piece of her mind, but she could have also been scolding her son for Steph’s unprofessional behavior. The latter would have been funnier, definitely.

There was also that time that Curry got so riled up that he ended up throwing his mouthpiece out of disgust in what he deemed to be a bad call. He got thrown out for his antics, and being the good friend that he is, Kevin Durant quickly followed suit.

That certainly wasn’t the only time Curry lost his cool. This time around, it was during the biggest stages of them all — the NBA Finals. The former back-to-back MVP winner got so riled up with a call that he threw hi mouthpiece (again), and ended up hitting a Cleveland Cavaliers fan with it. He apologized to the fan after being ejected, but he wasn’t apologetic to the referee at all.

Let’s now wind it down a bit to a couple of Steph’s lighter moments with game officials. How about that one time he almost punched a ref while celebrating? Luckily for the official, he was able to dodge what would have been a solid haymaker.

On another incident, the referee wasn’t as lucky. In the clip below, Curry hits the official cleanly — albeit unintentionally — in what turned out to be a hilarious moment. This should serve as a leeson for Curry, though, in terms of being too close to referees when doing his celebratory fist pump.

The refs eventually got their revenge, and it came in the form of throwing the ball right at Curry’s face. Sorry, Steph, but this was just too funny.

As it turns out, not even the great Stephen Curry has his fair share of Shaqtin’ a Fool moments on the basketball court.