Canelo Alvarez put on quite a show in his highly anticipated boxing matchup with Jermell Charlo. The main event started slow, but eventually, Alvarez took control and dominated Charlo. After the fight, former NBA star Stephen Jackson took exception to Canelo's security in an altercation involving the fighter's family.

Jackson explained why he got so heated as Alvarez's family was passing through in a YouTube video. The situation started with Jackson and his group stepping aside for the boxing star's family to walk by. After roughly 30 people passed, Jackson grew impatient and tried to walk through. That is when a security officer grabbed him and tensions rose.

“I was respectful to wait for 30 people. I gotta get out of here too. I'm not waiting for 60 other people who might not be his family. We all got somewhere to go,” Jackson said.

The boxing matches' outcome between Canelo Alvarez and Jermell Charlo might have played in role in Stephen Jackson's impatience, one Twitter user believes. The user commented, “You attend this man's fight and disrespect his family? For what? [Jackson probably] lost some money and was looking to provoke someone.”

Others defended Jackson, with one user saying, “What's the problem with him trying to slide by with his small group?”

Regardless, Canelo Alvarez likely does not take Stephen Jackson's dismay with the security personally. Alvarez is one of the most dominant figures in modern boxing. His win over Charlo puts him in the direction of achieving more greatness.