Suns video: Deandre Ayton goes furious after losing in NBA 2K18
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Suns video: Deandre Ayton goes furious after losing in NBA 2K18

Deandre Ayton

If there were any doubts on the competitive spirit of Phoenix Suns 2018 first overall pick Deandre Ayton, then this video clip should put those to rest.

What we have here is a clip of the 7-foot-1 big man going on a NSFW tirade after apparently losing in NBA 2K18. What makes the 37-second clip even more hilarious is the fact that Ayton appeared to be dead serious here. This isn’t your typical postgame ranting after a defeat, but a full-blown outburst by a grown man.

See the video for yourself.

To be fair to Ayton, his rage was not directed at his opponent. Instead, he was taking out his anger on the “sh**” game. This does not make him any less of a sour loser, though.

Towards the end of his clip, one of his friends even shows a controller which appears to have sustained damage, presumably after being hurled by Ayton.

It all appears to be in good fun, though, as his friends were laughing the whole time. Ayton did not appear to mind that his friends were having a laugh at his expense.

The takeaway here is that Deandre Ayton is an extremely competitive guy who does not like losing one bit. This is definitely something that can work in his favor in the NBA, as one’s will to win is one of the best motivations a player can have.

Then again, he will need to keep his expectations — and emotions — in check, as his Suns are not exactly playoffs contenders just yet. There will be a lot of growing pains this season, and perhaps in the years to come.