Only a few several hours remain before the Golden State Warriors play against the Cleveland Cavaliers one last time this season. What was expected to end in five games ultimately became a situation where the Warriors must defend their title at Oracle Arena on Father's Day.

For the unanimous MVP, the pressures of this epic game are relived due to being a father. Stephen Curry believes no matter what happens tonight, he will find solace with going home to his daughters.

“Being a father kind of gives you something more to play for,” said Curry in a 2015 Yahoo Sports interview. “I think off the court, it just grounds you every day, because no matter if I have a good game, bad game, score 40, score 10, I think my daughter's going to be happy to see me when I get home, and that kind of makes everything all right.”

Stephen Curry
The Huffington Post

Curry certainly plans to play at his optimal level tonight regardless of the Father's Day holiday. In his last three games, he has scored at least 25 or more points, including two 30 point efforts, so he is in the rhythm to succeed. Either way, his efforts will be adored by his family and everyone he plays for.

“So I rarely ever have a bad day, regardless of what happens on the court. It just gives you something more than basketball to kind of play and live for, and it's pretty special,” continued Curry. “Obviously, every father would say pretty much the same thing about what their daughter or son means to them and how they impact their life.”

Clearly, Curry values the special bond he shares with his daughters, but winning this Game 7 tonight would be the cherry on top to his Father's Day as a whole.

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