Suns video: Kelly Oubre denies Rockets' Gerald Green with huge block
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Video: Suns’ Kelly Oubre denies Rockets’ Gerald Green with monster block on the break

Kelly Oubre, Gerald Green

During Monday’s game between the Phoenix Suns and the Houston Rockets, Kelly Oubre came up with a great defensive play. The 23-year-old swingman came from behind Gerald Green for the nasty block off the break.

The Rockets have had quite the season this past year. They started out slow because of numerous injuries, particularly their backcourt of James Harden and Chris Paul with the latter being sidelined for an extended period. Their lack of wing depth is notably exploited every night on the defensive end, too.

Then coming into December, Harden took it upon himself to make sure that the Rockets would no longer be losing games. He had one of the best six-week offensive stretches in the history of the NBA. His ability to create shots off the dribble with ease and efficiency is unlike anyone else that has ever played in the league.

For the Suns, they’ve slowly started to figure out their identity. Devin Booker has become the defacto primary ball-handler. The pick and roll combination with DeAndre Ayton has become their bread and butter. T.J. Warren has developed into a knockdown three-point shooter while the aforementioned Oubre has finally found himself a home and some new energy.

The Suns are building a young team that’s going to very talented for years to come. They’ve finally come into their own and have shown signs of improvement as the year has gone by. The team hopes that with the addition of a potentially high lottery pick and a free agent or two, they’ll have an opportunity to make a legitimate push for a playoff seed.